CONTEST: win a Philips Pasta Maker!

*contest is now closed! Thanks to everyone for entering!*

I was very kindly given a new Philips pasta maker and left it in the box for 2 weeks before opening it up to test. I am often given kitchen appliances to try (blenders, juicers, coffee makers) and some of them are clunky and a pain to use or wash. A chef friend of mine told me he loves the pasta maker and has one at home. That piqued my interest. I’m not good with assembly directions (I hate having to read manuals) but this was very easy to put together and honestly, SO DARN EASY TO USE. I loved it. I loved it so much I made 3 batches of pasta without having any idea what I was going to do with it. (I ended up giving it to my radio show guests that night).

I was so impressed with the pasta maker that I wrote to the publicist and asked if I could give one away. SO HERE IS YOUR CHANCE, CARB-LOVERS.

It takes less than 15 minutes and unlike another pasta maker I have (where you have to mix the dough) you just pour the wet and dry ingredients into this machine and it does the mixing for you – then it pushes out magical pasta shapes. The spaghetti is the first batch I made!

This giveaway is open to CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY and the machine retails for $300

If you’re concerned about sizes – it DOES take up the same amount of space as a stand mixer.

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Enjoy fresh homemade pasta in just 15 minutes

Features a powerful 1600-lb extrusion force, which enables the Philips Pasta Maker to make up to one pound of fresh pasta with perfect texture in just 15 minutes!

Just press start and the Philips Pasta Maker automatically mixes, kneads and extrudes in one go.

Featuring multiple shaping discs to make everything from Spaghetti and Penne to Fettuccini and Lasagna there’s no end to the different pasta shapes, colours and flavours that you can make. For even more versatility the Philips Pasta Maker has a variety of Pasta Maker Kits for purchase, including: Angel Hair and Pappardelle, Thick Spaghetti and Tagliatelle, and cookie attachments available in August 2015.

With one-push cleaning, you can easily clean your Philips Pasta Maker shaping discs in seconds and then easily store the discs and the cleaning tools in a built-in drawer.

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