Monday got you blue?

At the end of November, I flew down to Cancun, Mexico for a few short days to shoot some videos for Sunwing Vacations which you’ll find online for the CBC in the coming weeks. It was my first time in Mexico and we had the most perfect weather. Yes, it was a work trip but that little taste of beach and sunshine convinced me that THIS year I WOULD escape winter and head somewhere sunny. I’ve been saying every year that I want to do a trip away during the winter but you know; life happens, work comes up, I get overwhelmed with the options online, I hum and haw and then it never happens.

This winter I AM going to do a sunny trip to help me get through winter. I haven’t decided where to go and since it’s my first all-inclusive vacation, I’m really open to suggestions. Have a favourite spot? Tips? Let me know by leaving a comment on this post!

With January 16th being Blue Monday (it falls on the third Monday in January), I feel even more determined to tell winter to kiss my butt. Blue Monday is considered one of the most depressing days of the year because well, it’s winter, it’s cold, peoples’ New Years resolutions are starting to falter, and those holiday bills start rolling in.

There are a few ways to combat these blues: travel, exercise (blah – but I get it), eat better, learn something new (maybe sign up for a class you’ve always wanted to try?)

The folks I worked with at Sunwing shared a few stats:

95% of Canadian vacationers say just knowing a vacation is coming up brings them joy (count me in this group).

72% of Canadians plan vacations at least a month in advance.

Taking regular vacations allow for better productivity, focus and overall job satisfaction. Researcher found that workers who take more vacation time consistently do better on their annual performance reviews. Show this stat to your boss the next time you’re negotiating your time off!

I’ll be booking my trip in the coming weeks – I hope you’ll follow along online on Instagram @PayChen and on Twitter @PayChen

Are you heading somewhere this winter? Tell me about it and feel free to invite me.

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