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Tasty ways to make your holidays memorable!

Here are a few great items I’m coveting and featured on BT on November 27th.

I love healthy and convenient meals – especially when I’m short on time. Something like this peppercorn steak only takes SIX-minutes to get onto your dinner plate!

BY AMOS has pre-seasoned, pre-cooked beef and chicken (and turkey is coming soon!) that only needs a quick sear on both sides before it’s ready to be served. Each package contains two portions and the meat is low in sodium and gluten-free. The company works with small family farms to source their naturally-raised meats. Take a look at their recipes.

ROLLING MEADOW DAIRY: grass-fed dairy from small dairy farms in Ontario. Milk, yogurt and butter are available in Ontario and will soon roll out through the country. If you’re a fan of the taste and health benefits of grass-fed products, you’ll want to try out these products.

CHOCOLATES BY DAVID CHOW: An engineer turned pastry chef, David H. Chow makes beautiful works of art. Try his colourful nuts tumbled in chocolate, his unique chocolate bar combinations like: blonde chocolate, candied cashews, crushed honeycomb, vanilla bean, maldon sea salt.

And perfect for your holiday hosting…a chocolate champagne bottle that you smash like a piñata, letting fly a flurry of chocolates and sweets.

PASTRIES FROM THE TEMPERED ROOM: Paris-trained chef Bertrand Alepee opened up a beautiful patisserie and cafe in Parkdale where he makes classic French pastries and desserts. For the holidays, you might want to consider a chocolate or egg nog buche de noel; a cake shaped like a yule log. Or sample a few eclairs before serving them to guests.

THE DRAKE GENERAL STORE: the place to find unique gifts, the Drake General Store also stocks great options for last minute gifts and treats. Their classic granola and Coco Fudge are great for an office gift or to thank your host/hostess.

TRUFFLES AT TOCA RESTAURANT: It’s Truffle Week at TOCA restaurant inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel. On November 28th they’re hosting a luxurious 7-course truffle dinner with Italian wine pairings.

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