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Merry Chen-mas!

That’s a pumpkin and pomelo Santa.

I don’t know if you know the story of my mom’s Santa panda dog.

I posted photos of it and received many questions about what it actually was. For the condensed version I will cut and paste the email I sent to my best friend, Nat, when she emailed me asking what the hell the panda thing is:

“I guess she had a pumpkin at the shop and her customers were telling her Halloween is over and to get rid of it. Then one of her customers showed her a photo of her own pumpkin that she spray painted white and decorated like a snowman. So the other day, she brings the pumpkin home and asks me to paint it. F*** that sh**. I didn’t touch it.

Then the next day I see she’s wrapped it in cheesecloth (easier than painting with the imaginary white paint we don’t have.) Then tonight she was all up in my face about not having decorated it so she dug out my old craft paints and a toothbrush (we do have brushes) and then I look over her shoulder and I’m like “that’s no snowman! That’s a panda!” And she said “no, it’s a dog!” Then made that woof woof sign to make sure people knew it was a dog. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SNOWMAN, WHY IS IT A BARKING PANDA SANTA?!”

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