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The Pay Chen Show

(That’s the name because I couldn’t come up with a fun and original one.)

I’m excited to tell y’all that I’m going to be hosting my own radio talk show on Newstalk 1010 Sunday nights from 8-9pm.

I’ve been eager to do more radio to compliment the years of work I’ve done in television. There are similarities to hosting a radio show and hosting a TV show, but they also require some different skills that I’m looking forward to working on. I can love and do both, right?

What’s the show about? Well, it’s a talk show and it can be about anything. I’m open to your ideas and suggestions and also, your feedback. Hey, I’ll be taking callers too, so I’d love it if you weighed in on the show.

You can listen online through the radio station’s website – and you can even watch because there are webcams in the studio. But I can’t say there will be much that’s interesting to SEE.

You can also listen in with the Astral radio app on your smartphone (there’s no reason you CAN’T tune in).

I’m planning on having fun guests co-host with me once in a while and as many interesting and entertaining guests as possible.

I hope you’ll tune in Sundays at 8pm!

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