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The Delicious Food Show and Ms Martha

I used to watch Martha Stewart every day.

I wanted a KitchenAid stand mixer because I watched her use it. Every. Day.

Back in my days of hosting on OMNI-TV, I had a TV in my office. I often flipped channels during the day to see what talk shows were on and always made a point to watch Martha Stewart’s show to see what she was making.

But over the years, I saw less of her. I visited her site less often. We didn’t write, we didn’t call each other to coordinate matching cardigans. We lost touch. But then I heard she was coming to town for the Delicious Food Show and while I didn’t do any crazy jumpy claps, it did make me curious about a show that seemed to be all about my favourite things: delicious food.

In addition to seeing Martha and getting her new book (CAKES!), I loved checking out booths of some of my old favourites and new favourites.

I visited the Canadian Dairy booth twice. And both times I ate a LOT of cheese samples. I loved that they encouraged you to keep eating. And I did.

I don’t drink a lot of beer, but I tried the Octoberfest beer by Samuel Adams and quite liked it. Three beers were being sampled and when I told the staff that I don’t know a lot about beer, they insisted I would like the Octoberfest brew, and they were right. They set up a snazzy booth with Rock Lobster Foods with beer, lobster rolls, lobster tacos and a mini lobster and shrimp boil. As an east coast girl, I was happy to find a Lobster Shack at the DFS. Craft beer and lobster tails is a pretty good way to start a Friday morning.

Check out the October 28th episode of my podcast (on the home page…scroll down to the player) when comedian Sean Cullen surprised me with his knowledge of Samuel Adam.

Have you check out Pluck Teas? Owner and tea sommelier, Jennifer Commins, has put together the most amazing and wonderful blends of high-end tea. I’ve never gone out of my way to drink tea (I’ll have it at the Chinese restaurant because it’s on the table), but I’ve really started to love some of the teas that Jennifer has put together.

The team at View the Vibe put together a really cool and spacious lounge and food area with several local restaurants serving food. Lobster guacamole was a hit. And there were places to sit. And eat. So many shows like this have limited seating and crowded spaces where you can’t find a place to put your glass down and eat properly. It was so nice to have room to sit and chat and enjoy all the delicious food.

Then I sampled more cheese, chocolate, chips, and guacamole. And the award for horrible timing goes to ME – right after the show I had my first personal training session with a new trainer at KX Yorkville. I sweat Sam Adams beer, cheese, and more cheese. I’d do it again.

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